What if it rains on my wedding day?

by: christian miran


Heaps of people ask me about what to do if rains on their wedding day so I thought I’d share a few tips about how to still get great photos despite what the weather throws at you.

Getting ready photos 

By the time your photographer has arrived for your photos you would have had hair and make-up done and a few glasses of 🥂🥃 and most likely your getting ready location is starting to get a bit cluttered. 

Ask one of your bridal party to do a quick tidy up before your photographer arrives to make the most of your indoor location since outdoor shots might not be an option. 

Always have a plan B

Find somewhere indoors that you would love to get photos at if it rains and your location/s are no longer an option. It could be somewhere with meaning like the place you had your first date, got engaged or your favourite restaurant. Or you could pick an indoor venue that suits you and your wedding style e.g. a bar, gallery, library or maybe a cool arcade games spot.

Umbrellas are essential purchases

It sounds obvious but buy some umbrellas ☂️ for your bridal party, even if you think you won’t need them. You can get cheap umbrellas that look great in photos. 

Wait it out

⏱ Wait 15 minutes and grab a drink. Four seasons in one day is the norm in Melbourne. If it’s raining when you’re due to have your portrait photos go to a bar for a drink and wait to see if the rain passes.

Give less fucks

Don’t let the weather ruin your day! You will still have a rockin’ wedding and you can still get great photos, regardless of what the weather gods throw at ya.

These are the kinds of unions that           get me excited - real, raw and so damn in love.   






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