You are going to invest in something beautiful. That makes you feel something. Every. Single. Time.
Go with your heart.

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Hearts have collided. Feelings melded together. Two beauties locking it down for life. Held together by this bloody beautiful, frustrating, passionate, sexy thing we call love.

It's pretty bloody glorious, aint it?

Well this is why you are here.

Because at some point you've deceided that ordinary won't do.

That the standard photographs won't do either.

And that you've got to do that exact opposite of that wedding you went to that time. You know the one. It was at that boring reception venue with no soul. That had the white cloths. With the DJ that referred to everyone as "Ladies & Gentleman".

Well that won't do. That will not cut the mustard.
I promise you that I won't deliver you ordinary. We will be like 3 little fonzies, chilling, talking, and laughing.

Then after the glitz, the partyyy and mad wedding, I will hit your eyeballs with some sweet nostalgia. That will flood the cerebral memory thingy with lots of good stuff.

It's won't be ordinary. It will be laughs, tears and will be getting you frothin' for each other.

Hearts collide. Get ready. You're in it now.

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