What you get when you book with me

wedding photography with all the feels

I’m all about documenting your unreal wedding in a fun and non cheesy way. You should feel relaxed, amazing and ready to rock.

The wedding day is about the feels, the fun, the celebration and those awesome (and sometimes not so awesome but highly amusing) dance moves. I promise that I will take loads of candid shots, be there for all the firsts, make sure that you have an awesome time and give you photos that you will look back on years from now and think “damn we looked good!”.

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What you get

When you decide your life would be permanently better with THE ONE, you usually have a clear idea of how you want to get up in front of everyone you know (or maybe no one) to seal the deal and throw the best party of your lives to celebrate that decision. 

Wedding photographs are the permanent tattoo of that very idea you are imagining right now while planning your wedding. Tattoos vary in quality. You can go to Bali and get a cheap one with a Balinese guy named Bob who keeps saying Aussie Aussie Aussie or you can invest your time in finding an artist with credentials who in turn spends time understanding exactly what you want from your tattoo. And then delivers. 

I’m not Balinese Bob.  

When you hire me, you get my full attention both in the lead up and on the day. I want to get to know you and your vision for your wedding. I want to understand exactly what you want - and don't want - from your wedding photos so I can make sure I do a damn fine job giving you exactly that. And I am available any time during the planning process to help with any questions you might have, such as how long to allow for photography, rad location recommendations for portrait shots, best timing for photos, what I’m watching on Netflix, whatever really.

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let’s do this

Drop me a line and I will send you my straight shooting pricing info and guide to your wedding photography experience.